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The Child Transportation System
Road to Building Self-Worth

Program Details

The Child Transportation System program shares the foundational knowledge for how children move through life and make decisions naturally using a personality assessment tool based on their birth information.  It is designed to celebrate the natural differences of children and honor the way they are born to move in the world and not provide another way to label or categorize them.  


It introduces all the possible ways children are born to move through life and is designed to allow a child to tune into their own inner knowing of who they are naturally.  It’s like letting them “test drive” all the vehicles in The Child Transportation System (CTS) before finding out which one is the best fit for who they are naturally.  Through this process of discovery they start to understand that self-worth is something they are born with and not determined by outside factors. 


Towards the end of the program you will learn how to use a child’s birth information to find out the specifics for how they were born to move through life naturally. 


The Child Transportation System (CTS) concepts in this program are:

Vehicle Images cropped.png

Stop #1: Welcome Center

  • What is The Child Transportation System (CTS)?: the background and concept

  • Building Self-Worth: what is it and how to build it in children

  • Vehicle Purpose: introduction to the various ways we work in the world

  • Bonus Activity: The Child Transportation System Road Trip E-Book


 Stop #2: Driving School

  • How to Drive: the 5 different vehicles and their unique way of moving in the world

  • Healthy Use of Fuel:  the signal for each vehicle that helps you know the child is aligned

  • Check Engine: the signal(s) for each vehicle that tells you something might be wrong

  • Bonus Activity: vehicle coloring pages

Welcome Center Image.png
Driving School Image.png

Stop #3: Service Center

  • GPS (Inner Guidance System): the different ways children make decisions naturally

  • Vehicle ID Number: the different ways children learn and interact with others

  • Maintenance: using Tapping (EFT) to give the vehicle a tune-up

  • Bonus Activity: “My Vehicle Story” activity

Service Station Image.png

Stop #4: Fueling Station

  • Fuel Maps: the individual owner’s manual for a child and where to get it

  • Fuel Types: the 9 different types of fuel and how a child experiences them

  • Fuel Storage: the 5 different ways the fuel can be stored in a child’s vehicle

  • Bonus Activity: 100 Fun Road Trip Questions


Are you ready to pack your bags and take a road trip to learn The Child Transportation System and start teaching it to children?

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The Child Transportation System Package Preview

The Child Transportation System program?

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