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Every child is unique and their path through life is their own.  But there are traits that children are born with that are part of who they are naturally.  There are natural similarities and differences in how children move and use the energy (fuel) in their body.  One of the ways to explain these similarities and differences is using a personality assessment tool called Human Design that uses a child’s birth data to create an individualized map.  This map provides key information for how the child operates naturally in the world. 

Human Design is a blend of ancient and modern sciences.  It is one of many tools available to parents to help them understand their child better.  What I love best is that it honors individuality and authenticity.  While Human Design is a complex system that can take a lot of time to understand I developed The Child Transportation System (CTS) to provide a simpler and more relatable way of understanding this complex system.  Many of the concepts in The Child Transportation System (CTS)  have also been influenced by the teachings of Karen Curry Parker who created Quantum Human Design™. 


The Child Transportation System (CTS) teaches that children move through life similar to one of five vehicles (Train, Car, Sports Car, Motorcycle, and E-Bike).  There are traits specific to each vehicle and learning about them helps children tune into their understanding for how they are born to operate in the world.  Using The Child Transportation System (CTS) we are able to understand the different ways children move through life and help them navigate it being who they are naturally. 

Not sure which vehicle your child is naturally designed to navigate most like?  Click here to enter in their birth data (date, time, location) and find out!  

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