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About Me

Hi I’m Ellen Hefty and I teach educators The Child Transportation System and how to build self-worth in children by helping them discover how they move through life naturally.


As a former educator I witnessed so many children who fell through the cracks because they were being asked to fit into a system that didn’t allow them to be who they were naturally.  As a child myself I felt that same pain. 

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It is my passion to share The Child Transportation System with others so every child feels empowered to discover how they operate in the world naturally.  In my work I have witnessed how incredibly simple and relatable this system is to understand and apply. 


I spent 22 years as a public-school educator (teacher/administrator/coach) and worked with children from pre-k to high school.  I have studied Human Design for over 4 years, am certified in Quantum Human Design, and developed The Child Transportation System as a way of understanding Human Design in a simple and relatable way.  I am the author of a podcast series and two children’s books: Annie the Alchemist Learns to Ride a Bike and Tommy the Time Bender Learns to Juggle.

Watch this short video to hear about the development of The Child Transportation System

My Experiences

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On my journey one of the tools I was introduced to was Human Design which later led to the upgraded language of Quantum Human Design™.  I studied traditional Human Design for two years before beginning my certification path with Quantum Human Design™.  

  • Experience as a middle school teacher, school administrator, and special services director (22 total years in education)

  • Student of Human Design for over 4 years

  • Certified in Quantum Human Design™

  • September 2022: presented at the International Human Design Conference 

  • Author of two children's books

  • Teaching Students by Design Podcast host

What I Love!

I am a kid at heart and my hobbies reflect that.  I love:

  • Taking my dog, Dougy for a walk on the trails near my house

  • Disney  

  • Harry Potter

  • Reading children's books especially by Gordon Korman 

  • Traveling especially to the beach

  • Riding my bike through nature

  • Golfing with my friends

  • Going to the theater to see musicals


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