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The Child Transportation System
Homeschool Pod Program

This program is for home school parents who would like to participate in a 6-week pod program that includes individual coaching and group instruction for both the parent and their elementary age children using The Child Transportation System (Human Design/Quantum Human Design for Kids).  A maximum of five homeschool families can enroll in this one-of-a-kind program during each 6-week pod. 


 The purpose of the program is to transform the homeschool into a structured and sustainable learning environment using The Child Transportation System concepts where all parties are getting their individual needs met and instruction is aligned to every child’s individuality.


Criteria to Participate

  1. Home school parent/guardian providing education to elementary age children

  2. Parent available from 10-11 AM ET and 2-3 PM ET throughout the 6-week program

  3. Children available from 2-3 PM ET for group calls throughout the 6-week program

  4. Parent committed to be present for the following virtual events: 4-hour workshop (can watch recording prior to start of pod), 6 coaching calls, 12 group instruction calls with your learners, and 1 group welcome call with all families and learners

  5. Children committed to be present for 1 group welcome call and 12 group instruction calls 

  6. Willing and able to submit birth information for both parent and learners

  7. Parent and children are open to being in community and collaborating with four other homeschool families during the program

  8. Good, reliable computer equipment and internet connection

  9. Ability to pay the $3,900 program fee (sponsorships may be available to help with costs)


Program Goals

  1. Transform the homeschool into a structured and sustainable learning environment where all parties are getting their individual needs met and instruction is aligned to every child’s individuality

  2. Learn how to spend less time and energy providing an education that is structured and sustainable for the entire family

  3. Create a heart-centered learning community where love, compassion, acceptance, and individuality are at the forefront of all decision-making

  4. Learn a simple and straightforward way to align instruction that honors each child’s uniqueness

  5. Receive individual coaching to help with home school struggles

  6. Build community and foster collaboration between homeschools

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Program Benefits

  • All-in-one program that includes group instruction and individual coaching from Ellen for both the homeschool parent and learners

  • Saves time and energy because you don’t have to learn the system and teach it yourself

  • Simple and relatable way to understand how each member of the family operates, learns, and makes decisions naturally

  • Holistic approach to education

  • An individualized program helping families who don’t fit the traditional school model provide instruction that is aligned to each child’s individuality

  • Empowering all parties to be who they are naturally

  • Improved self-love, self-awareness, and self-worth

  • Home school parent receives a break from planning and teaching

  • Opportunity to learn with four other home school families to build community and promote future collaboration

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What you (the parent) will learn:

  • how you and your children are uniquely designed to operate in the world and make decisions

  • how to use your children’s natural way of making decisions to align learning to their individuality

  • how to save time and energy meeting the needs of everyone in your homeschool (including you)

  • how to create a sustainable structure that meets the needs of everyone without burnout

homeschool image.png

What your children will learn:

  • how to tune into their own inner sense of knowing who they are naturally

  • a fun and simple way to understand themselves and others

  • the unique differences in people creating more love, compassion, and acceptance in the world

  • how to advocate for their needs feeling confident in knowing more about who they are naturally

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Schedule Details

  • Prior to start: Four-hour Workshop for parent

  • Participate in a workshop that introduces The Child Transportation System content (can watch recording if unable to attend live)

  • Week 1: Family Assessment call with parent (day of week chosen when signing up)

  • Individual one-hour call to discuss parent and learners needs

  • Set homeschool goals for the six-week program

  •   Group Welcome call with all families and learners

  • Meet all the members of the pod during this call

  • Weeks 2-5: Individual and Group Calls

  • Family Coaching

  • Individual one-hour call each week to work on needs and goals

  • Provide strategies to help with goal progress

  • Group Instruction calls

  • Three one-hour group calls each week at 2 PM ET with all families and learners

  • Lessons and activities based on the various concepts of The Child Transportation System (content and pace may vary depending on ages in pod)

  • Goal of the lessons is to help the learners understand our unique differences and tune into their own inner sense of knowing who they are naturally   

  • Week 6: Family Closing call with parent

  • Individual one-hour call to discuss final progress towards homeschool goals

  • Establish a plan for how to continue making progress in meeting the needs of all family members and managing a sustainable home school 


  • Please note: During the entire 6-week program there will be opportunities to communicate with other pod parents along with Ellen using a What’s App group chat.  This will be the main platform for announcements, questions, and comments between the adults in the entire pod


  • Bonus: Receive a welcome packet when you register with materials needed for the program along with a signed copy of my children’s book “Annie the Alchemist Learns to Ride a Bike”.

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