My journey

I have always had a natural curiosity about people.  Why do they do what they do?  How do they see the world?  For what purpose are they here for?  Where do they fit into the puzzle of humanity?


I started on my own journey of "waking up" in 2007.  For me the wake up call came as a health crisis where I was told by a doctor that I would die if something didn't change in my life.  I began to reach out to others  who had been on a similar path and asked them to help me discover what wasn't working in my life.  On my journey I have used a variety of practical tools (Human Design, EFT tapping, breath work, meditation, Neurofeedback, Reiki) to help me become more self-aware and to remove blocks, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me. 


I am amazed at how my life has changed.  I am discovering who I AM and who I am NOT.  I am finding my own unique gifts and talents that have dramatically improved my life.  Those tools are helping me find my purpose and my place in the world.  I navigate life more easily and with less struggle.  The journey to self-awareness is a life-long one and I continue to learn new things about myself every day. 

Sunrise Self Awareness photo.jpg