What is Teaching Students by Design?


Teaching Students by Design is a pre-recorded online course that helps you learn the basics of Quantum Human Design™ and how to apply it to your students.  It is self-paced and upon completion students receive a certificate for six contact hours.


My goal with Teaching Students by Design is to provide an easy to understand curriculum with practical and simple steps to create change in schools. Using the tool of Quantum Human Design™ I hope to empower educators to help students reach their potential.


There are 10 lessons including an Introduction, the Parts of the Chart, the Five Energy Types along with the Strategy and Emotional Theme for each Type.  Also included is information for Authority and Profile.  Lessons provide simple, practical and easy to implement suggestions to use with your students.  By taking this online course you will learn to use the tool of Quantum Human Design™ to understand your students in a way you've never understood them before.  

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What is Quantum Human Design™?

The Quantum Human Design™ language used in the Teaching Students by Design course is based on the work of Karen Curry Parker. Quantum Human Design™ is an upgrade of the language of traditional Human Design.  Human Design/Quantum Human Design™ is a tool that uses a student's birth data to give you an an energy blueprint called a body graph.  A body graph is like a manual that helps you understand the unique learning style and energy needs for each of your students.  For more information about Quantum Human Design™ click here.

Ready to see your unique energetic design? 
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