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Human Design School Reports

As an educator I know the challenge of trying to meet the unique needs of all students so they can reach their fullest potential especially in a traditional school setting. 

The Human Design School Report was created to support educators in meeting their students' needs.  The information provided is based on a personality assessment tool called Human Design.  It uses a child’s birth information to provide details for how they best operate in the world. 

It was also created to give parents a way to communicate their child's unique needs in a way that is non-threatening to the educator.  A way to bridge the gap between home and school so everyone is on the same page when it comes to empowering the child to operate in a way that is aligned to who they are naturally.  


My hope is that the list of unique traits for the child helps make it much easier to do what educators and parents do best.  Empower children to be who they are naturally and reach their fullest potential. 


School Report Sample Image.png

Enter the birth information for the child below to receive you Human Design School Report

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