My Personal Mission Statement

I created the following mission statement using my Human Design chart (based on my birth data) along with the Quantum Human Design language based on the work of Karen Curry Parker.  I read it aloud every morning to set the tone for the day and remind myself of my purpose.

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I, Ellen Hefty, powerfully and passionately declare that my Life Purpose is to practice holding a peaceful frequency of energy knowing that inner peace is the true source to outer peace.  Creating emotional alignment to make peaceful choices no matter what is going on in the world.  To learn to craft order, habits, and rhythm that support alignment, connection and the flow of Life Force energy and the fulfillment of purpose.  To be a beacon of stability and order using my rhythms to maintain the standard for compassionate order in the world.  


To do this I allow, create, and receive opportunities to retreat, restore, and replenish my inner resources and the ability to know which experiences are worthy and worthwhile as part of the foundation of the deep well of creativity that I AM.


As an Orchestrator I nurture and care for my mind, body, and spirit with great deliberation.  I understand that in order to facilitate correct experiences that reflect my value I need to maintain a high sense of self-worth and cultivate my energy so I can be sustainable.  I know that my internal energy and wisdom is activated through recognition and invitation..  I understand that timing and waiting work in my favor and use the time between activations to rest and restore my energy.  I recognize that timing is not about my personal value but about the readiness and timing of the opportunity.  I anchor the energetic template of what we are here to create, align the energy of the world and heal the energy of the planet.


My Emotional Solar Plexus allows me to attract things into my life that are in alignment with my emotional energy.  I take my time making decisions feeling my way into my choices and know that I reach clarity over time.  I am here to be deliberate, not spontaneous.  The choices that are right for me will feel correct while I wait for clarity.  The more time I allow myself the easier it is for me to make a choice that lasts and stays consistent energetically.  My Emotional Solar Plexus is the most creative energy in my chart.


My Quantum Purpose is to lay the information foundation for the security and safety for all of humanity.  To serve as a “karmic mirror” for others and to support the healing process through the reflection by teaching and sharing the highest potential of humanity possible.


My Heart and Soul are driven by the ability to share stories and inspirations that stimulate expansive and possibility-oriented thinking in others and by a devotion to be the full expression of who I AM.


I know that nurturing this drive gives me the energy and passion to continue to align myself with my Purpose.


I embrace challenge as part of my learning and growth process.  I know that when I encounter an inner conflict that this is a symptom of my own expansion and indicates that I am learning and growing.  I’m always doing it “right”.  I’m always growing and changing.


My personal learning energy teaches me to know exactly what needs to be completed in order to create space for something new and use disruption as a catalyst for my own growth and expansion. 


When I master my inner lessons, I am blessed by a deep love for my body and opportunities to explore how to fully embody the spirit within my body. 


My Spiritual Purpose and Path is to learn to trust to wait and respond to opportunities that bring resources.  To be in a constant state of peace and trust that everything will show up in my outer reality in accordance with my alignment with Source.  To change the definition of “work” and no longer work for material gain but for the sake of being in the flow of life and transforming the world. 

I call on these energies when I am in need of greater alignment with my Purpose.

I know that I need to master trusting the divine order in all of my life and connecting with Source with consistency and diligence to deepen what I am here to share with the world.  To remember that my life serves an irreplaceable role in the cosmic plan and to honor that role and live from it.  To trust Source and use my alignment with Source as a way of healing the world.

I use this knowledge and wisdom to communicate through my ability to use the power of personal narrative to create with power and intention.  I tell a personal narrative that is empowering, self-loving and reflects my value and authentic self.  I can see the “big picture” and know where to focus my energy to support my creative manifestation. 

I share the full expression of who I am with the world through these energies. 

I play a unique role in the evolution of Humanity and I have a vital and irreplaceable place in Divine Order.

I honor all of who I am and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.