Human Design consultation

People sometimes say there’s no guide that tells you how to live life or raise your kids.  But in fact there is a unique design for every person.  A blueprint.  A GPS for life.  One that teaches you exactly how to be the best version of yourself.  How to make life easier.  Imagine knowing from the day a child is born his/her blueprint.  Knowing how best to help your child be who they were meant to be.  Now the best way to model for a child is to know your own blueprint.  To know how you can be the best version of yourself. 

As a former educator I have been searching for something that I could take back to schools and parents that would have a tremendous impact on children’s lives.  That’s why I got into teaching in the first place.  To change the lives of children.  This information does that!

It’s called Human Design.  In an hour session I will give the client a graph of his/her own unique design (blueprint).  You will learn the basics so that you can begin experimenting being you.  To help guide your child to be himself/herself.  We are all a piece to the puzzle of this world and have a unique place in it.  This graph will start clients on their way to discovering their unique self. 

Of course you can come back for further consultation and there are many more layers to the blueprint.  But one session can change everything about how you or your child approaches life.  Contact me now to take this one incredible step into being you. 


PLEASE NOTE: In order to accurately obtain your blueprint the following MUST be known and provided before the session; Date of Birth, Exact Time of Birth, Location of Birth

Due to the specific information given during a session each member of a family needs his/her own hour.  For example, a family of four would need to come for four sessions.  Anyone can attend those sessions but one family member would be the focus of that session.

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