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All About Me Coaching for Kids

The Problem

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Do you have a child age 12 or older who is struggling at home or at school?

Is your child feeling pressure to fit in with others and you want them to navigate life being the person they were born to be?

As a retired educator/administrator I witnessed many times where children struggled to listen to their parents no matter how much their parents loved them. 

Sometimes the parent/child relationship can be too close and you find that the child listens better to another adult like a teacher or coach. 

The Solution

As a retired educator I love working with kids and empowering them to be their best.  I find great joy in helping kids understand themselves better and reach their potential.  

Your child can receive coaching and support from me to help them align to their natural way of being.  This will not only improve their life but will also help the relationships in the family.

The Details

In this coaching program your child will learn the following information:

-how to “move” through life in a healthy way

-how to make healthy choices and decisions

-how they learn best and interact with others

-how to answer questions in a way that is healthy for them

-how to use emotional signals to understand what the emotions are telling them

In addition your child will be given strategies to try between sessions and the opportunity to discuss how the strategies worked.

Your child will receive support in a safe space where all feelings are welcome.

The goal of this coaching program is to help your child understand their unique way of being in the world along with building confidence for them to be the incredible person they were born to be.

In addition, my intention is to help your child feel understood, empowered, and supported for being their incredible unique self.

In order for you to best support your child you will receive an All About Me pdf for your child.  This pdf will give you the information I will be discussing with your child throughout the 6 weeks so you can align your parenting with the unique needs of your child as well.


This coaching program includes 6 weekly coaching sessions on Zoom (30 minutes in length).

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