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All About Us Coaching for Families

The Problem

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Do you find it difficult for everyone in your family to get their individual needs met?

Do you notice that one child is easy to parent but you struggle with another?

Do you notice that your child(ren) behaves differently when parented by another family member?

Do find it hard for the entire family to feel confident and accepted for being who you are?

The Solution

The All About Me information is a game changer. But it’s a lot of new information that needs time to integrate. You may have multiple vehicles in your family who all have individual needs and it’s hard to manage all that individuality.

Private coaching can help you put it all together.


By working with me you will feel inspired to use the knowledge and strategies to help your family work together to see that all members get their individual needs met. All members of the family will feel more accepted and encouraged to be who they are naturally.

The Details

The All About Us Coaching Program helps empower everyone in the household to be who they were born to be.

The goal of this program is to help you feel more confident in your understanding of the needs of you and your family. In addition, you will have a tool kit of strategies and ideas to help your family work together so you can all be who you were born to be.

The benefits of the All About Us Coaching Program
1. Continued coaching over a 4-week period to help integrate the information slowly
2. Learn about all the individual needs for every family member
3. Gain an understanding of the different connections between family members and why some connections are more challenging than others
4. Find compassion and acceptance for all the individual differences within the family

In the All About Us Coaching Program you will receive:
1. Four one-hour weekly sessions for your family
2. All About Me pdfs for family members (up to 4)
3. Specialized coaching to help you integrate all the information
4. Tools and strategies to support you in meeting the needs of all family members
5. Opportunities to ask questions and get clarification between sessions
6. A safe space for family members to ask questions and share their experiences

Ready to help your family be who they are all meant to be?

A Message From Ellen

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