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Child Energy Report System (CERS)

The Problem

Are you familiar with Human Design or Quantum Human Design™ but find it  confusing and too much information to understand?


Are you not familiar with Human Design but heard about how it takes a lot of time to learn it?

Do you know someone who you think would be interested in empowering children to be who they are naturally but want something simple and easy to relate to without the woo.  

I take Human Design and Quantum Human Design™ and integrate them into a language that is simple and relatable for kids (and adults).  Removing all the complexity and making it practical and easy to apply to everyday life.  Giving you ideas that you can implement into your child's life to create change immediately.

From this work the Child Energy Report System (CERS) was developed.  

The Solution

2023_01_Ellen8 cropped.jpg

Watch this video to hear HOW I use Human Design and the Child Energy Report System (CERS)
to empower children to be who they are.

Making It Simple and Practical

Click on the image to watch the vehicle video series to learn more about how I make Human Design simple and practical so you can easily empower your child to be who they are.

Vehicle Video Series Cover.png

I created a pdf that includes some of the vehicle information you will hear about in this video series. 

This is a great resource to share with others who might be interested in learning about empowering children to be who they are naturally using the Child Energy Report System (CERS). 

Click the link below to receive this Free Gift.   

Children's Book Series

One of the ways I am helping make this information simple and practical is by writing a series of 5 children's books.  I currently have one available and am working on the next 4 in the series.  This series of books uses the language of Quantum Human Design™ to teach the Human Design concepts in a simple and practical way.    


Click the photo below to learn more about my children's book.


annie social media graphic.PNG

Book Review from a Parent

"I loved how simple this book explained Human Design for my kids. I had been trying to explain it but couldn’t simplify it enough. Reading Annie’s story was perfect for them to get it and know that it’s good to be who they are!"


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