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Child Energy Report Sessions

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The Problem

Do you wish you had a guide to help you understand the child in your life better? 

Do you love a child that is struggling right now and don’t know how to help them? 

A child who is having difficulty with any of the following:

-behaving at home or at school

-paying attention


-making decisions



-relating to others

-regulating their emotions

-chronic pain and/or illness

Receive a simple and relatable way to understand the child using the Child Energy Report System (CERS).  Gain a deeper insight into who the child is and how best to support them being who they are.  When the child is aligned with who they are naturally they will experience fewer of the issues listed above and feel a stronger sense of self-worth. 

The Solution

What is a Child Energy Report (CERS) Session?

A Child Energy Report (CERS) session is a 45 minute Zoom call with an adult only, adult/child together, or child only age 12 and older.  When you book your call you submit the birth information (date, time, location) for one child. 


During a CERS session you and/or the child will learn the following information based on their birth information:

-how to “move” through life in a healthy way

-how to make healthy choices and decisions

-how they learn best and interact with others

-how to answer questions in a way that is healthy for them

-how to use emotional signals to understand what the emotions are telling them


After the session you will receive a recording of the call and a detailed PDF with the information we discussed.  


You will feel confident in supporting the child knowing that your support is now aligned with their uniqueness.  You will be able to use less energy to support the child with less struggle.  This will improve your relationship with the child.  

The child will feel more confident in who they are and empowered to be themselves.  They will feel a sense of acceptance and be able to step out being who they are knowing that they are being supported being who they are naturally.   




Curious about what a Child Energy Report session looks like?
Watch this clip with a mom and son!

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