Passionate About Guiding Others

I have always had a natural curiosity about people.  Why do they do what they do?  How do they see the world?  For what purpose are they here for?  Where do they fit into the puzzle of humanity?


I started on my own journey of self-awareness over the past 12 years and have found many tools that I want to share with others.  During this time I have started to discover who I am NOT and who I AM.  I am finding my own unique gifts and talents that have dramatically improved my life.  It is helping me find my purpose and my place in the world.  I navigate life more easily and with less struggle.  I know so many things about myself now that I didn’t know 12 years ago and that makes it much easier to be me.   


I am learning that I was born an empath and a projector.  What that means for me is that I have the natural ability to understand people at a deep level.  Many times more than they understand themselves.  It also means that I have a great compassion for people.  My curiosity into who they are and what they have been through comes without judgment.  I feel deeply for people and want to see them be all that they are meant to be.  I am able to be hold a mirror up and provide them with the tools to learn to see themselves fully in that mirror. 

As a former educator I always resonated with the kids who struggled.  I was the one who understood them.  Who tried to get underneath why they did what they did.  I had a lot of patience with them and didn’t judge them.  During my career in education I always thought my ability to understand them had to do with my own struggles growing up.  Of course that helps but its more my natural ability to sense them on a deep level.

My purpose is to guide and coach others to become more self-aware.  To help them discover the beautiful gifts and talents inside of them.  To guide them to find their path in life.  My ability to sense someone deeply is a great asset in helping me guide others to learn about their own purpose and place in the world.  This world needs people to be who they were meant to be.  It is my goal to change the world one person at a time.   

Formal Education
  • Bachelor of Science (Math Education): Ohio State University

  • Master's of Science (School Administration): University of Akron

  • NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback Certified Trainer

  • Human Design: Living Your Design Guide (in training)

Career Experiences
  • Middle School Math Teacher (16 years)

  • Elementary School Assistant Principal (6 years)

  • Middle/High School Sports Coach (12 years)

  • Neurofeedback Trainer (4 years and counting)


Ellen Hefty

526 Canton Road, Suite 206

Akron, OH 44312

Call or text 330-790-1816

Email: ellen@ellenhefty.com

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