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Calm Sea


In 2013 I left a 22 year career as a middle school teacher and elementary school administrator. I watched as so many students did not receive the education they needed or deserved. I witnessed incredible educators who despite doing their best were not able to help because the system doesn't work for many students. I made a promise to myself that I would go out and find a way to transform schools so that every student receives the education they deserve. 

Little did I know that my journey since leaving education was going to first be a personal discovery of what I needed to learn and change in my own life.  Through my experiences I was led to tools that helped me step more into my fullest potential.  On my journey one of the tools I was introduced to was Human Design which later led to the upgraded language of Quantum Human Design™.  I studied traditional Human Design for two years before beginning my certification path with Quantum Human Design™.  After certifying I discovered a passion to take the information and structure it in a way to help educators with their students.  That led to the development of an online school and a program called Teaching Students by Design.


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This is my first in a series of five children's books for the Quantum Human Design© Energy Types.  Find it on Amazon or click on the cover image to purchase!   

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