Human Design
Quick Start Guide

Do you want to make changes in your life but have no idea where to begin? 

Feeling overwhelmed with so many self-help ideas and classes and that are too costly and time consuming to learn? 

Are you a parent/grandparent wishing there was a manual for how to help your child/grandchild be their unique self?

Have you heard about human design and want a few suggestions to try out before investing in classes or readings? 


Are you skeptical of human design or overwhelmed by all the information out there?


A human design chart is an in-depth manual for your true nature using your birth data (date, location, and time of birth).


The Human Design Quick Start Guide provides you with a handful of steps you can take to begin immediately experimenting to see what feels correct for you before diving deeper into the entire manual.


I use my training, expertise, and intuitive abilities to create your unique Human Design Quick Start Guide.   

Cost: $99 (includes one "Human Design Quick Start Guide" and a 30 minute online Zoom consultation)

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