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The Problem

The world encourages children be the same to fit in which makes it difficult for them to be who they are.  They lose sight of their natural differences and begin to fit in with everyone else.  Many times that leads to misbehavior, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of focus, difficulty at home or school and much, much more.   

I created a program that shares the foundational knowledge for how children move through life and make decisions naturally using a personality assessment tool based on their birth information.  It is designed to celebrate the natural differences of children and honor the way they are born to move in the world and not provide another way to label or categorize them.  

The Solution

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What is The Child Transportation System?

The Child Transportation System (CTS) teaches that children move through life similar to one of five vehicles (Train, Car, Sports Car, Motorcycle, and E-Bike). There are traits specific to each vehicle and learning about them helps children tune into their understanding for how they are born to operate in the world. Using The Child Transportation System (CTS) we are able to understand the different ways children move through life and help them navigate it being who they are naturally.  


The Child Transportation System (CTS) is based on a system called Human Design which is a blend of ancient and modern sciences.  Many of the concepts in The Child Transportation System (CTS)  have also been influenced by the teachings of Karen Curry Parker who created Quantum Human Design™.  I developed The Child Transportation System (CTS) to provide a simpler and more relatable way of understanding this complex system.    

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Introducing the Program

The Child Transportation System Roadmap

I’m thrilled to announce the release of The Child Transportation System digital package available now!


This package is a program that includes The Child Transportation System content along with a roadmap, instructions, activities, and tips for how to teach the system to children and build self-worth.


Included in this package:

-The entire one-of-a-kind Child Transportation System (CTS) content (50+ pages)

-Roadmap and instructions for how to teach CTS to children and build self-worth

-Quick Start Guide for easy reference

-16 original Tapping Scripts to reinforce CTS content

-Full Size images to teach concepts easily to children

-4 Bonus Activities to use with children

The content in the digital package provides you with all the information you need to take children on The Child Transportation System Road to Building Self-Worth on your own.


Are you ready to pack your bags and take a road trip to learn The Child Transportation System and start teaching it to children?  Click below to learn more.  

A Message From Ellen

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