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The Problem

The world encourages children be the same to fit in which makes it difficult for them to be who they are.  They lose sight of their natural differences and begin to fit in with everyone else.  Many times that leads to misbehavior, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of focus, difficulty at home or school and much, much more.   

I empower children and the adults that support them to understand who they are naturally using a simple and easy to understand language.  This allows them to step out into the world confident in who they are and advocate for their needs.  Children being who they are is the best way to reach their potential and be successful in all areas of life.

The Solution


I Can Relate...

Knowing what it’s like myself to grow up in a world while giving in to   the pressures to fit in my passion is preventing my story from happening to other children. 

Over 4 years ago a coach introduced me to this incredible information which helped me learn about the person I was born to be and it changed my life.


  • 22 years of experience as an educator 

  • Student of Human Design for over 4 years

  • Certified in Quantum Human Design™

  • Human Design podcast host, children's book author and conference presenter


By working with me you will receive a simple and relatable way to understand your child.  You will have a deeper insight into who your child is and how best to support them being who they are.  You will feel confident in how you empower the child knowing that your support is now aligned with their uniqueness.  You will be able to use less energy to support the child with less struggle.  This will improve your relationship with the child.  

The child will feel more confident in who they are and empowered to be themselves.  They will feel a sense of acceptance and be able to step out being who they are knowing that they are supported being who they are naturally.   

My Qualifications


Want a Free Gift?

Click the link below to subscribe and receive a PDF called "How We Move Through Life"

Testimonial Image.png

“The language used made it so much easier to understand what is at the core of my child and in turn it helped my son understand as well without being bogged down by complicated concepts or wording. I had some Knowledge of Human Design but Ellen made it so easy to understand!!                                          -Laura C.

“I think it's really amazing to receive all of these insights as a parent. So many good nuggets of information to keep in mind as we all just want the best for our children.”

                         -Emily H.

“I really enjoyed the All About Me sessions I had for my kids.  Being able to have them with me and letting Ellen talk to them about their design made them light up.”                                           Brittany P.


Free Discovery Call

All About Me Session

Book a 30 minute free call where we will discuss your needs and the best way for me to support you in empowering the children in your life.  

Submit the birth information (date, time, location) for one child when you book this call.  At the time of your appointment you will receive a 45-minute reading along with an "All About Me" pdf with details about the child's natural differences.  A child can attend the call with a parent or can do it alone if 12 years or older.  A recording will be emailed after the call.

As the adult in the child’s life you will now feel empowered to treat them as the magnificent child they are and feel more confident in the way you support them.  You can also help implement ways to foster their natural strengths so they can be happy and successful. 

The Results

2023_01_Ellen27-Edit cropped.jpg

The Details

Do you wish a child in your life had their own manual? 

Do you love a child that is struggling right now and don’t know how to help them? 

Are you afraid that the way you are supporting the child is hurting them or your relationship with them?

Do you have a child who is having difficulty with any of the following:

-behaving at home or at school

-paying attention


-making decisions



-relating to others

-regulating their emotions

-chronic pain and/or illness


As a retired educator I would have loved a guide for each child.

I worked with children from age 3 to 18 over the course of my career and witnessed firsthand the struggles that occurred with many kids at every age.

I worked with parents who loved their children but struggled to know how to parent them.  They repeated generational patterns and behaviors and nothing seemed to work.  Their child was exhibiting the behaviors listed above and they didn’t know what to do.

The benefit of knowing this information is so incredible and life changing.  That is why I am so passionate about getting this information to children and the adults who support them.

The Child Energy Report System (CERS) gives you a guide to help you understand the child in your life better. CERS provides you with information about the child’s natural differences which can help improve the issues listed above.  The program will help empower the child to be their incredible self and help you support in a way that nurtures your child’s natural differences.   

A Message From Ellen

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